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Law West & East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, Jan. 23:
A local yokel - old enough to have known better - was picked up for felony possession of less than a gram of controlled substance, as well as a pipe with which to enjoy it.

A misdemeanor, but pesky, "other" warrant put the skids on the good times of a 50ish Bandera Babe.

Tuesday, Jan. 24:

Whereas, a felony warrant from an outside agency seemed sufficient to send a Chick from Pipe Creek to the slammer - where she remains.

People, people, here's a thought: If you're driving without a license, try to refrain from doing so recklessly thereby calling attention to yourself and thus ending up being hauled off to the hoosegow, which is what happened to a Pipe Creek nincompoop.

A Bandera Bad Boy hit the trifecta after being detained for two misdemeanor warrants that indicated he might have failed to heed the suggestions of a previous court, as well as another "other" warrant.

A Cowboy Capital Criminal remains behind bars, charged with a plethora of contraventions, including three misdemeanors, public intoxication, criminal mischief and resisting arrest; in addition to two felonies, assault of a public servant and harassment of a prisoner. Quite a night's work, don't ya think?

Wednesday, Jan. 25:

Despite racking up masses of misdemeanors, this blockhead bonded out of Bandera's Big House, after being pinched for a trio of traffic warrants, three additional failure-to-appear warrants and yet another for assault with bodily injury.

A felony warrant from an outside agency stopped a Bandera Bandito in his tracks - albeit for but a very short time.

A word to the wise: Honey, even in Bandera, a 17 year old needs a valid driver's license in order to motor merrily along.

Thursday, Jan. 26:

Two apparent cohorts in consumption from Bandera and Pipe Creek were picked up for - wait for it! - being unable to hold their likker in public.

A lovely well-bred Lakehills Lassie found herself afoul of the law after being charged with assault with bodily injury and criminal mischief.

An apparent pothead was busted for weedwacking.

Although his trio of transgressions were but of a misdemeanor nature, a Bandera Blowhard remains confined in the county can for theft of something worth between $50 to $500, possession of a controlled substance and, for good measure, possession of a dangerous drug, as well.

Saturday, Jan. 28:

Well, I suppose it's something that a Boozer from Bandera made it to the ripe age of 26 before being picked up for his first DWI.

On the other hand, a tippler from Three Rivers had the bad luck to get stopped for his initial DWI at the age of 22.

Sunday, Jan. 29:

Now comes a quartet of hustlers from Houston, Cleveland (Texas, we presume), Conroe and Shepard, who were nicked by a game warden for hunting at night.

Monday, Jan. 30:

Apparently an 18-year-old Laddie from Lakehills thought he could get away with going one toke over the line in the wee hours of the morning; he couldn't and was busted for having less than two ounces of MaryJane for his trouble.

The jailbird population in the Bandera County Quod is now 70 - with 19 of the wrongdoers from Medina County, 11 from Gillespie County, seven from Real County and a trio from Kimble County.

The rest, we can assume, were arrested right here.