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Climate bill expected in 2010


Members on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee announced a bill focusing on climate change is expected to pass in the spring of 2010.

The bill, which would involve a 17 percent emission reduction of carbon and greenhouse gases in the United States by 2020, was not readied in time for the December international summit on global warming, however.

“The climate change bill has been put on the back burner,” said Bandera County Farm Bureau President Barbara Mazurek.
“President Obama is focused on finishing healthcare and financial reforms before moving on to pending climate issues.”

Farm Bureau members remains opposed to the “Cap & Trade” energy tax. Additional costs will be devastating in the agricultural community, they claim. The climate change bill would drastically increase the cost of production for already struggling farmers and ranchers.

“To effectively change our climate and keep the cost of living down, we must look for other resources,” noted Mazurek.
\“Implementing wind and solar energy, as well as using our oil, will significantly cut back energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.” The Farm Bureau also supports development of nuclear power and offshore drilling.”