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CREZ to be discussed at next RLAT meeting


Brian D. Bartos, PE, managing engineer for Bandera Electric Cooperative, will speak at the Tuesday, Jan. 12, meeting of the Bandera County Chapter of the Ranchers and Landowners Association of Texas. Bartos will discuss CREZ - Competitive Renewable Energy Zones.

The meeting begins at 6 pm at the Silver Sage Corral Senior Activity Center, 803 Buck Creek Boulevard. Everyone is urged to attend this important and informative session.

Recent legislation has mandated the use of renewable energy. CREZ are geographic areas across the state in which renewable energy resources and suitable land areas are sufficient to develop generating capacity from renewable energy technologies. The Texas State Legislature introduced the concept of CREZ several years ago to intensify the state’s goals for use of renewable energy. Attaining these renewable energy targets, as well as the means to achieve these objectives through expansion of appropriate infrastructure has been - and continues to be - an involved and evolving process.

Bartos’ presentation will address statewide compliance efforts and how those efforts will impact the lives of residents in the Texas Hill Country.