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Genie the calf, born to go viral

By Bev Barr

Get the picture?

Last Friday, Drew Taylor was enjoying a Ribeye steak during lunch at the Cowboy Steak House on Main Street in Kerrville when long-time restaurant employee Heather Taccetta whipped out her cell phone and showed Taylor a picture of a newborn calf. It happens that Heather, a long-time employee of the Cowboy Steakhouse, also takes care of all of her grandmother’s cattle.
Taylor, who works in marketing for the online visitor’s guide, “Hill Country Visitor," immediately recognized the resemblance with KISS rock star Gene Simmons and posted it on Facebook, where the juxtaposition of black and white images promptly went viral.
“Our original post on Facebook got over half-a-million views, 2,000 likes and 12-hundred shares,” Taylor said. “It hit every major news outlet across the world — including TV in Japan, Australia, Costa Rica and others.”
Gene Simmons himself tweeted about it at least 5 different times; assuring his followers, “This is the real deal!”
The uncanny resemblance of Genie the calf and Gene the famous rocker was the top viral story in the world for several days.