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RLAT opposes EPA's new ruling


The Ranchers and Landowners Association of Texas (RLAT) Board of Directors followed the lead of the Bandera County Commissioners Court.
RLAT recently passed a resolution opposing the proposed new ruling by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) that has redefined "waters of the United States."
This new ruling would greatly expand the jurisdictional authority of the Federal Clean Water Act entitled "Definition of Waters of the United States." These redefinitions would expand USEPA and USACE jurisdiction to include waters of the state(s) and other waters previously not regulated including some ditches, farm ponds, dry waterways and isolated wetlands.
The RLAT Board of Directors also declared that the US Congress, not federal agencies, make the laws of this country. Any change in jurisdictional power of the federal government or its agencies should occur as a result of the passage of Congressional legislation.
The RLAT resolution has been sent to the EPA, Texas congressmen and current and incoming state legislators.