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Local ranchers to benefit from Texas Beef Checkoff


By a two-thirds margin, Texas ranchers voted to establish a state level beef checkoff program.
"The two-dollar beef checkoff investment will bring our ranchers closer to secured profitability, easing the stress on their bottom line," said Bandera County Farm Bureau President Barbara Mazurek. "Return on that investment adds value to each calf sold through our local markets."
The checkoff, managed by Beef Promotion and Research Council of Texas, will enhance established beef production, marketing, research and education programs for consumers in the Lone Star State and around the globe.
"The additional funds will be used to grow in-state programs and partnerships with consumers, grocers, restaurants and food influencers," Mazurek continued. "Part of our goal is to connect with them, providing the correct information and transparency they desire. By doing this, all ranchers win, seeing an increased demand for their beef and return on their checkoff investment."
In June, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) conducted a referendum in accordance with Texas Agriculture Code at the request of the state's cattle industry group to create a producer-funded and managed, state level checkoff program. It will be financed through a refundable assessment at each point cattle are sold in Texas.
Collection of the assessment will begin Oct. 1.