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Despite rains, water conservation still matters


Although recent rains quenched the Lone Star State's thirst for participation, Texas families still need to be vigilant about water conservation.
"We're always thankful for additional rainfall, but it's still important that we all do our part to conserve and preserve the resources we have," said Barbara Mazurek, president of the Bandera County Farm Bureau. "It may not seem like it everywhere, but Texas is still experiencing drought conditions, and we don't know when the next rain will fall."
Mazurek encouraged families who water their lawn to water only on the days designated by the city or water district. Additionally, turning off water while brushing teeth, taking shorter showers and utilizing low-flow toilets all help conserve water.
"Whether you live on a farm, ranch or in an urban setting, water is important to you," Barbara said. "We urge everyone to work together to preserve this precious resource."