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A little rain, a lot of mosquitoes

By Sam Womble County Extension Agent

Several calls have been coming into the Extension Service office concerning mosquitoes. Below are a few of tips that I hope you will find useful.
1. Reduce standing water; drain water from birdbaths, pet dishes and other containers. Repair leaky pipes and outside faucets.
2. Keep yard mowed to reduce resting sites for adult mosquitoes.
3. Schedule outdoor activities when mosquitoes are not as active. Most species are active at dusk and dawn.
4. Wear loose fitting clothing to avoid mosquito bites.
5. Use repellants and follow the label instructions. Products that contain DEET have been shown to be the most reliable repellants. For patios and picnic areas, citronella candles or punks can be used as a deterrent.
6. Pets can be protected with products that eliminate heartworms.
7. BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) products such as mosquito dunks can be used in water bodies to eliminate larvae.
Mosquito control is not easy and in many instances, requires repeat applications.