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COOL is hot topic at RLAT meeting

By Evelyn Snyder RLAT Secretary

The Ranchers and Landowners Association of Texas (RLAT) will meet at 7 pm, Tuesday, May 27, in the BEC conference room of the Bandera Electric Cooperative (BEC), located off Highway 16 North.
Guest speaker Tracy Tomasick will discuss the controversial Country of Origin Labeling(COOL) for meat. This timely topic will impact every American as labeling will be required on all beef and poultry.
COOL has received Congressional approval and will be administered by the USDA. However, the subject remains a hot button issue with major US corporations weighing in on both sides.
As associate director for livestock and animal health at the Texas Farm Bureau, Tomasick is responsible for commodity issues and regulatory activities. Previously, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry and Extension Service and even coached the Virginia Tech Livestock Judging Team. A resident of Waco, Tomasick raises Red Angus and crossbred cattle.
"Directors and officers invite the RLAT membership and general public to attend this informational meeting," said President Fidel C. Ramirez. "You don't have to be a member of RLAT to attend and Farm Bureau members are also encouraged to attend."
A short membership meeting will follow Tomasick's presentation. For more information, contact Clifford Herbst at 830-796-3636.