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Locals do well in goat show


The 14th Annual Bandera County Angora Goat Show was held on Saturday, Dec. 14 at Mansfield Park. There were 22 exhibitors with 123 goats entered in the show this year. The placings for the local exhibitors are as follows:
• Buck Kid - 2nd- Hailey Morgan, 3rd- QuinnLyn Taylor, 4th- QuinnLyn Taylor, 6th-Kayla Evans, 7th- Kaila Morgan, 11th- Kayla Evans, 13th- Bryce Small.
• Doe Kid - 1st-QuinnLyn Taylor, 4th-Kayla Evans, 5th- QuinnLyn Taylor, 6th- Kaila Morgan, 7th- Kayla Evans, 8th Hailey Morgan, 9th- Bryce Small, 10th- AJ Crowther, 11th- Kaila Morgan, 14th- Hailey Morgan.
• Yearling Buck- 5th- Bryce Small, 7th-QuinnLyn Taylor, 10th- Kayla Evans.
• Yearling Doe- 3rd- QuinnLyn Taylor, 5th- Raelyn Butler, 6th- Hailey Morgan, 8th- Bryce Small, 9th- AJ Crowther, 10th- Kayla Evans, 11th- Kayla Evans- 15th- QuinnLyn Taylor.
• Aged Doe- 3rd- Kayla Evans, 4th- Hailey Morgan, 6th- Hailey Morgan, 8th- QuinnLyn Taylor, 11th- Kayla Evans, 13th- QuinnLyn Taylor.
• Commercial Doe Kid - 1st- Kayla Evans, 3rd- Kayla Evans, 4th- QuinnLyn Taylor, 6th- Raelyn Butler, 7th-QuinnLyn Taylor.
• Commercial Yearling Doe- 1st- Hailey Morgan, 2nd- Kaila Morgan, 4th- QuinnLyn Taylor, 6th- Raelyn Butler, 8th- QuinnLyn Taylor, 9th- Kayla Evans, 10th- Kayla Evans, 11th- AJ Crowther.
Top winners in the show were:
Champion Registered Buck - Joe Parks, Rochelle; Reserve Champion Registered Buck - Dade Turner, Knippa; Champion Registered Doe - Dade Turner, Knippa; Reserve Champion Registered Doe - Summer Hall, Sonora; Champion Commercial Doe - Hailey Morgan, Medina; Reserve Commercial Doe - Kaila Morgan, Medina; Champion Goat of Show - Joe Parks, Champion Buck; Reserve Champion Goat of Show- Dade Turner, Champion Doe; Premier Exhibitor - Dade Turner; Junior Showmanship- Marti Walker; Senior Showmanship- Hailey Morgan.

Pictured: Courtesy photo
Hailey Morgan with Champion Commercial Doe; Zane Willard, Judge; and Kaila Morgan with Reserve Champion Commercial Doe at the 14th Annual Bandera County Angora Goat Show.