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Pecan show set for Dec. 11

By Roy Walston Kerr County Extension Agent-Ag.

The 2013 Texas pecan harvest looks to be a light harvest again this year.
With the cooler weather here many homeowners and commercial growers are anxiously awaiting the Hill Country District Pecan Show, set for Dec. 11 at the Kerr County Youth Event Center in Kerrville. Each year pecan growers from the Hill Country area, Bandera, Kendall, Kerr and Real counties collect and enter their pecan entries to compete for awards, recognition and advancement to the Central Texas Regional Show. Growers will compete for ribbons and plaques with the Champion Commercial, Classic and Native all receiving plaques.
Growers from this area may enter one entry of each improved variety and as many native entries as they like. Each entry must consist of 45 nuts of one variety and must be grown by the exhibitor and from this year's crop.
What makes a good sample? Good pecan entries are uniform in color, shape and size; free of disease and insect markings with very little discoloration or white at the end of the pecans. Pecans should be free of splits or cracking to insure a good sample. Pecans may not be altered by marking, filing or excessive polishing, which will disqualify the entry.
Each entry will be selected based on a random sampling of 10 nuts selected from the entry. The 10 nuts are then weighed in shell, shelled and a kernel weight is then taken. Based on the size of the nuts, percent edible kernel, color and appearance, the nuts are placed.
If you would like to compete in this year's Hill Country District Pecan Show please bring your pecans to the Kerr County Extension Office no later than Friday, Dec. 7. Questions can be directed to 830-257-6568.
There over 40 million pounds set throughout the state in commercial orchards and native groves. There are another 10 million pounds on yard and park trees. In shell pecan prices are expected to be from $2.30-$2.90 a pound dependent on quality. Dry weather carrying over from 2012 into late season of 2013 left many trees stressed and dropping a large percentage of pecans this year. Some growers have been fortunate to have a decent crop this year; however, it varies from orchard to orchard.