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Michalec takes Helm at Hill Country Alliance


(Editor's note: Kendall County resident Milan Michalec is a frequent contributor to the Bandera County Courier on water issues.)

As new president of Hill Country Alliance (HCA), Milan Michalec has indicated he would like to see the organization lead the discussion on topics such as county authority and the State Water Plan, not just participate.
"I want to be able to take advantage of the tools we've developed in the strategic plan and work with electronic media opportunities to be the story rather than respond to it," he said.
A powerful Hill Country water conservation advocate, Michalec is serving a third term on the Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District, and he is the founding member of the Kendall Country Well Owners Association.
As a representative of the Trinity Aquifer Groundwater Conservation Districts, Michalec participated in the Camp Bullis Joint Land Use Study. Recently, he was selected to fill a position to determine environmental flows on the Guadalupe and San Antonio Bay and Basin Area Stakeholder Committee (BBASC).
Michalec has been an active member of HCA since 2008 when he served on the advisory board. In 2009, he was asked to join the board of directors. Michalec says he's seen HCA grow in the ability to be very thorough in focus and strategy and expand its presence across 17 counties.
"Ultimately we are better prepared to develop high-quality issue papers vetted by professionals and to distribute them using print or our website through a wide area of the Hill Country," he said.
Michalec wants HCA to continue to produce educational materials for citizens and decision makers on a wide range of topics. Water will be one of the most important topics for HCA in 2013. "We are working really hard trying to illustrate the interdependence of groundwater and surface water," Michalec continued.
Other topics of focus are the importance of maintaining healthy riparian areas and preserving night skies.
Former Hays County Commissioner Karen Ford will serve as board vice president. Ford sees the organization more actively reaching out to the corporate community and engaging young people to become involved with Hill Country resource issues.
Water resource issues, rainwater harvest education and county authority are HCA initiatives that get the most of Ford's time and attention.
A nonprofit organization, the Hill Country Alliance raises public awareness and builds community support for the preservation of natural resources and heritage of the Central Texas Hill Country. To learn more about Hill Country Alliance initiatives, visit