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Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch --Princess--


to say about this dog. In a word - well, actually four - she enthused, "Princess is a doll!" This little lovebug is approximately five years old and weighs about 35 pounds - the perfect size. Cousin N. continued, "Princess is very loving, too. She's not hyper, loves kids and gets along great with other dogs!" In other words, Princess is perfect. To meet this pluperfect pooch that certainly deserves a wonderful home, give Nance a call at 830-589-7544 and she'll arrange a visit. To take a gander at the rest of the rescue's adorable - and adoptable - four-legged friends, go to Despite its name, the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch is conveniently located in Medina just a couple of miles off Highway 16 North. When you visit, tell 'em the Courier sent you - and don't forget to take some biscuits for the bowsers!