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Pets may qualify for discounted Rx program

Special to the Courier

(Editor's note: While I haven't attempted to enroll my pets in the discount prescription program as yet, it sounds like it's worth a shot.)

Sometimes pets are diagnosed with conditions that require medications that can also be prescribed for humans, such as insulin and antibiotics, among others.

If so, Walgreen Drug Store offers a prescription savings program that can even benefit pets, according to a recent email from AAPAW (Alamo Area Partners for Animal Welfare).
Enrollment in the prescription program is $5 a year for individuals; annual cost for a family plan may vary.

For enrolled clients, pet prescriptions may be filled at a discounted rate at a Walgreen location provided the prescribed drug is also used on humans.

Interestingly, owners may enroll their pets either as individuals, or as dependents in a family membership.

Discounts on individual prescribed drugs will vary and the discount may apply only on established drugs, rather than newer varieties. Pet owners are urged to call the nearest Walgreen Drug Store for details.

There are locations in Boerne and Kerrville.

It would be interesting to find out how many newly enrolled family members of the Walgreen Prescription Club will sport names like Fluffy, Spot, Fido, Yoda, Rowdy and Miss White?