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Bandera Electric scores 90 on most recent ACSI


Bandera Electric members remain satisfied and loyal customers according to their responses in the latest member satisfaction survey project.

The score, an American Customer Satisfaction Index™ (ACSI) of 90, is among the top scores in the United States. This fourth quarter score gives the cooperative an average score over 89 for 2011 - significantly higher than the scores of other utilities. Individual quarterly scores were 88, first quarter; 90, second quarter; 89, third quarter; and 90, fourth quarter. The investor-owned utility 2011 average was a 74 and the municipal utility 2011 average was a 73.

Responding to the encouraging numbers, BEC CEO-GM Bobby Waid said, "We are very pleased with the results. Our members are more than customers - they are owners of this cooperative. Our employees recognize this and work very hard to provide the members with service that is second to none. These results just confirm that the hard work and dedication is appreciated by our member-owners."

The cooperative has routinely scored well on the index, recording an 86 or above since 2008. For comparison, some of the most recent results for the highest scored companies from various industries are:

• Automobiles, Lexus and Cadillac - 87

• Internet retailers, Amazon - 87

• Computers, Apple - 87

• Express Delivery Service, United Parcel Service - 85

• Specialty Retail Scores, Barnes & Noble - 82

• Department & Discount Stores, Nordstrom - 82

• Airlines, Southwest Airlines - 81

• Hotels, Hilton Hotel - 80

• Municipal Utilities, Salt River Project - 82

• Investor Owned Utilities: Sempra Energy & Atmos Energy - 81

Outside of monitoring member satisfaction, results of the quarterly survey are used by the cooperative to identify opportunities and areas of concern. When members' comments on the survey indicated they would like to see the cooperative offer energy efficiency programs, a heat pump rebate program was implemented. Comments on the survey indicating a need for additional payment options resulted in payments now being accepted at certain convenient and grocery stores. And, when members requested more renewable options, the Choose to Renew program - now known as Wind Works - was introduced.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index™ (ACSI) is a uniform and independent measure of household consumption experience. As an economic indicator, the ACSI™ tracks trends in customer satisfaction and provides benchmarking insights of the consumer economy for companies, industry trade associations and government agencies.

The ACSI™ is produced by the Stephen M. Ross Business School at the University of Michigan, in partnership with the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the international consulting firm, CFI Group. ACSI™produces scores for more than 225 companies in 47 industries, and 200 government entities.

Touchstone Energy® Cooperative receives a general score for its 729 members. Individual Touchstone Energy® Cooperative members, like BEC, are eligible to receive their own scores as well.