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Amber Lasater Painting & Wood Works can transform your home

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Female housepainters are something of a rarity in the Texas Hill Country, but Amber Lasater brings over 20 years of experience to the job.

Lasater grew up in the Austin area and moved to Colorado when she was 15.

"I married a union painter and worked with him. When we split, I just kept painting," she said. She was 22 when she got into the house painting business.

"I love Texas and I've wanted to get back here for so long," said Lasater.
The couple live on Wharton's Dock Road with five dogs.

When it was noted that female house painters are kind of rare in Bandera County, Lasater's partner, Danny Young said it has proven to be an advantage for their business. "We mostly deal with women and when we are talking about a painting job, Amber always gets their point!"

Lasater often looks at house painting from an artistic viewpoint. "It often has a decorator aspect," she said. "You have to have an eye for it."

Young added that Lasater is very good with color and with working with clients to find what they like and what they want. "She'll spend more time planning with a client than the actual painting," he said.

Both agree that communication with the paint contractor is the most important thing when someone is considering painting the exterior or interior of their home.

Doing a quality job is important to Lasater and Young. "We try to ensure we're giving the client the best job possible," said Lasater. "We always work as if we were doing it for our own home."

Lasater prefers to use Sherwin Williams paints for her projects. "They have a low end paint, a medium and their high dollar paint, so we can find something from their line to fit the client's budget," she said.

Occasionally, after consultations and doing the painting, a client is not pleased with the result. "I always tell my clients that they can change their mind and I'll be happy to re-paint, but it'll cost them," said Lasater. She prefers to spend plenty of time talking with the client before dipping a brush into a gallon of paint instead.

The couple rarely have dissatisfied customers, however, but Young said one of the challenges of the job is dealing with clients who are unhappy with the final color and try to claim it wasn't what they wanted. "We always keep a record of the paint chip to show them it's exactly what they ordered and approved."

"She's really into quality control," said Young. "She'll look at it and say, nope, let's do it again! If I had a dollar for every time I've heard her say that, I could quit working!"

Lasater finds a lot of satisfaction in her work. It's like a painter that starts with an empty canvas, paints a picture and then steps back and sees how good it looks, she explained. "I feel the same way when we finish a job. It's so fresh and clean and we feel like we fixed it!"

Both admit to enjoying hearing a satisfied customer look at the finished project and say "It's beautiful!"

To complement Lasater's painting and decorating skills, Young has years of experience in the building trades. He does cabins, steel buildings, wood frame construction, decks, fences, cabinets and more. "So we're not just painters," he said. "We can renovate, remodel and paint, whatever you need."

The couple also design and build rustic furniture and home décor. "If she can draw it, I can build it," said Young.

Check their website at
to see examples of this creative pair's work. Or call 830-796-4687 or 830-328-6010 for more information.

Pictured: Danny Young and partner Amber Lasater bring a designer's eye and a quality work ethic to their business, Amber Lasater Painting and Wood Works.

The owners of Amber Lasater Painting and Wood Works combine their skills to create sturdy and attractive outdoor furniture.

Amber Lasater and Danny Young recycle old wood to produce home décor items like this eye-catching flower box.