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Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch


According to Cousin Nancy and the other fine folks at the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, Layla is a sweetheart of a dog - just like Eric's song of the same name.

Approximately four years old, she's a kinda wonderful laid-back mix of handsome German shepherd, along with, of course, anybody's guess.

During her sojourn in Medina, Layla has also become a good pal to the rest of the dogs at Kinky Friedman's rescue ranch so she'd be a good 'un for a multi-mutt household.

"Layla is here just waiting to be your forever dog," said Cousin Nancy.

"Just give us a call at 830-589-7544 and we'll arrange a visit." To take a gander at the rest of the rescue's adorable - and adoptable - four-legged friends, go to

Despite its name, the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch is conveniently located in Medina just a couple of miles off Highway 16 North.

When you visit, tell 'em the Courier sent you - and don't forget to take some biscuits for the bowsers!