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This year, resolve to drive safely


As 2012 starts off, administrators with the Bandera Independent School District ask motorists to drive safely in school zones and when in the vicinity of school buses.

A report issued by the National Center for Safe Routes to School, documents the shift in student transportation patterns from 1969 to 2009. More students ride the bus to school or are transported in cars by their parents than in 1969. This means that the cross walks by schools are busier during school drop off and pick up hours.

Drivers should make note of the larger number of students entering and leaving school grounds. It is important to wait while students cross the street. Pulling around stopped vehicles dropping off or picking up in a cross walk, could endanger lives.

When approaching school buses, make sure to note if the safety lights are flashing. The car driver should stop while the bus' lights are flashing.

This signals that the bus is loading or unloading students along their route.

When the safety lights stop flashing, it is safe to move forward slowly when passing a school bus. It is always important to note that school buses must sometimes wait for a number of children to enter or exit the vehicle at a bus stop. Being impatient and pulling around a stopped bus could put student riders at risk.

Being aware of student safety on the road is crucial when drivers approach schools or school buses. Nothing is more important than keeping a watchful eye on students at all times when driving a vehicle. Help make 2012 a good year - keep students safe all times!