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Lasso continues to 'serve the Lord'

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Recalling her once constant equine companion, Jacqui Jackson of the Hills of Heaven Christian Outreach said, "He's grazing in tall grass right now."

Lasso, Jackson's "old-fashioned quarter-type horse," was humanely euthanized on Monday, Dec. 19.

Earlier that day, the 37-year-old horse had sustained serious internal injuries after falling in the mud. "It was painful to let him go, but I had to take myself out of the picture and do what was best for Lasso," Jackson said.

According to Jackson, during her 13 years with Lasso, the amiable horse helped mentor more than 150,000 children and adults. "He helped me minister to children about Jesus," Jackson said. "Lasso submitted to everything that that was asked of him - which is rare in a horse." She added with a laugh, "And, he never refused attention."

For a horse that basked in attention, Lasso received plenty during his travels throughout the Hill Country - and beyond. "He was at the Pumpkin Patch in Medina for eight years," Jackson said.

In fact, to the consternation of many, Lasso "retired" from the Pumpkin Patch in 2010.

However, he remained a regular with
Cowboys on Main. Sponsored by the Frontier Times Museum, Cowboys on Main camps every Saturday in front of the Bandera County Courthouse, entertaining both visitors and locals.

Each July, the good-natured horse also won a passel of new little friends during Bandera's National Day of the American Cowboy. Additionally, Lasso became a welcome addition to the Circle of Life Intertribal Powwow, held in conjunction with Celebrate Bandera during the Labor Day weekend.

"We entertained 1,300 kids at the Cornerstone Church Camp in San Antonio," Jackson recalled. "He just loved children." Closer to home, Lasso was a regular fixture at the museum on 13th Street, the Bandera Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center on FM 1077 and the Hill Country Youth Camp in Kerrville.

Jackson recalled she almost didn't have the pleasure of the remarkable horse's company. "A couple had looked at Lasso and were definitely interested in him, but ended up taking a rescue horse instead," Jackson said. "We were going to buy him, but, before we could, a lady from the church purchased Lasso for me. That enabled me to use the money I had saved for him to buy hay for a year. Me getting him really was a miracle."

Jackson continued, "Lasso had the best of everything I could give him and he gave right back to me and all the children. He deserves to be recognized because he was the kindest horse you could ever imagine."

Somehow it was fitting that gentle Lasso became a special part of Jackson's ministry. "His freeze brand was in the shape of a fish. That meant he served the Lord." Jackson is convinced her beloved horse will continue to serve the Lord even after his death.

Rest in Peace, Lasso, and enjoy that green pasture.