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Guadalupano Society honors Our Lady of Guadalupe

Photos Courtesy Gloria Muniz

On Dec. 12, the Guadalupano Society of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church celebrated the holy feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mananitas were sung to her in a procession starting outside and entering into the church. The Guadalupano choir and musicians along with the local parishioners all arrived in the cold dark dawn at 5 am with warm hearts singing rancheras and mariachi serenades. In the evening, the Matachines, from the Guadalupano Society, danced as the Aztec Religious dancers who represent the 6 million converts to the Catholic Church due to the miracle visions of Saint Juan Diego. During the 7 pm Mass, members of the Guadalupano Society danced " La danza de los Matachines" in honor of Our Lady. Carmen Tirado, coordinator of the dancers, and Mario Cordero, drummer led the dancing. Gloria Villela danced in a costume made by her, mother and herself. "I was honored that my mother was able to help, as she is 84 yrs. old, and was a great seamstress," said Villela. "I finished the beading, the bells and ribbon edging." After Mass, a play depicted the miracle of Juan Diego's visions, which was followed by a reception and prize drawing.