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Post 410 visits VA hospital

Courtesy photos

American Legion Post #410 and Women's Auxiliary and their spouses conducted a holiday visit with the veterans at South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS), Kerrville VA Hospital on Wednesday, Dec. 28.

The legionaires brought a Christmas gift bag with redeemable coupons for purchases at the local "Cantina Shop" for the veterans' personal needs. The group also played bingo with the veterans for about an hour and then served them small cut sandwiches, desserts and drinks. The legionaires enjoyed visiting with Charlie Dugosh, almost 90, of Bandera. He shared his story of his experience as a POW as a 19-year-old pilot. He said, "I answered with my name and serial number, that's it." When asked, "Did they torture you?" he replied, "Nah, they just had a weapon loaded on the table."