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Hunters rattle antlers & church rattles pans

Special to the Courier

The congregation of Grace Lutheran Church of Bandera will celebrate their famous Wild Game Dinner on Saturday, Jan. 28, with serving continuing from 4 pm until 7 pm.

For those new to the area, the event has escalated from a local church function to a Hill Country extravaganza that's not to be missed.

Donations of $10 are requested for the all-you-can-eat adult meals.

For dine-in meals only, one child under the age of 10 years can eat free with each paid adult meal.

Take out meals are also available.

Although Werner Lindig, founder and prime mover behind the event, passed away this year, the church and community plans to continue the annual fundraiser in his honor.

As always, a wide variety of wild game meat will be available at this year's dinner. In keeping with the Lindig tradition, volunteers brag is that all meat is thoroughly inspected - and "not a hair will be found on it." To insure great taste, cChurch members process all meat and prepare it on-site the day of the dinner.

This year, the variety of wild meat will include axis deer, white tail deer, black buck, antelope and barbecued wild hog. Who knows what other wild game the hunters might bring in. Last year, a favorite of guests was fried rattlesnake. There are plans to repeat on this item again this year, but it won't last long so get there early!

Oscar Valdez is again making more of his special 100 percent venison summer sausage to complement the fundraising effort. Church youth will top things off with a great variety of desserts.

Ten percent of the proceeds raised from the Grace Lutheran's Church Wild Game Dinner are earmarked for charitable benevolence. The rest used for community outreach and other programs supported by the church.

Grace Lutheran Pastor Nancy Lund expressed the hope that this will be another banner year for the event. "We at Grace Lutheran, with our friends throughout the Hill Country community, wish to make this a special event to allow everyone to join us for a wonderful meal, great fellowship and an opportunity to help support the community. Mark your calendars now."

Pictured: Among other delectables, the Grace Lutheran Church of Bandera Wild Game Dinner will again feature fried rattlesnake. Gourmands are urged to arrive at the Saturday, Jan. 28, event early; however, as apparently the rapacious reptile is a sellout.