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Angelica - Nagel Clinic's special 'Angel'

Special to the Courier

Christmas was celebrated at the home of Dan and Carie Wise by the board, staff, volunteers and friends of the Arthur Nagel Community Clinic.

Each year, the clinic holds a Christmas Open House to honor the facility's volunteers - and for good reason. To date this year, the volunteers have donated a total of 2,754 hours, a value to the clinic of over $57,000. Volunteers take care of everything from cleaning and maintenance to data management and patient care.

When queried about the importance of volunteers to clinical operations, Dan Wise, president of the board of directors, said simply, "We couldn't function without them."

Executive Director K. Irene Stone served as emcee for the evening and even played Santa to the volunteers.

Each of them received a gift card and a lot of good-natured ribbing. The highlight of the evening came with the announcement of the 2011 Volunteer of the Year, Angelica Arreola-Hernandez. As with past recipients of the prestigious award, Arreola-Hernandez was selected by her peers through secret balloting.

Pablo Hernandez, the husband of Arreola-Hernandez, serves as pastor of Templo Camino Nuevo. He was also a founding member of the Nagel Clinic's board of directors.

During the presentation, Stone said about the 2011 honored volunteer: "This energetic preacher's wife joined our team in April 2010.

Angelica started with us as an admissions clerk. Being fluent in Spanish, she was immediately 'adopted' by our Hispanic patients as their medical advocate.

"Since she is at the clinic only on Wednesdays and Thursdays, patients whose primary language is Spanish will schedule appointments for those days. Angelica will go with them into the exam room or the Prescription Assistance Program office to explain the medical procedures that are being done, or to make sure they understand how to take their prescriptions. She also phones patients to let them know about their lab results and assists them in finding organizations that will help with their other needs, such as food, clothing, rent, utilities and employment."

Stone continued, "In spite of the hours she spends at the clinic, Angelica still finds time to help her husband, Pablo, with their church, take care of two daughters, and help with her parents in Mexico.

"Angelica's dedication and commitment are an inspiration to the whole staff and have earned her the love and respect of our patients. We are privileged to have her at Arthur Nagel Community Clinic as the 2011 Volunteer of the Year. She is truly our Angel."

Top - Executive Director K. Irene Stone presented Angelica Arreola-Hernandez, volunteer of the year, with the special honor during the recent Arthur Nagel Community Clinic Christmas Open House.

Bottom - Arthur Nagel Community Clinic 2011 Volunteer of the Year, Angelica Arreola-Hernandez, doing what she does best at the health clinic - multi-tasking in two languages.