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• The Medina Genealogical and Historical Society is starting to document the history of commercial and some residential buildings along Highway 16 in Medina (city). The document will consist of pictures of buildings that have occupied sites along the road, accompanied by written material of historical interest. This effort will require the help of the local community to provide old photographs and information on the business that was carried on at that location. If you have any photographs that you believe would be helpful, please contact the Medina Community Library. The Library can make copies of the photos, returning the originals to you. Credits for the photos will be shown in the document. This book will not be sold, but will be placed in the library as a reference copy.

• Plans for the Annual Medina Community Library Christmas Celebration
are underway. Stay tuned for details soon!!

• Sunday, Nov 20, 3:00PM Fit Club/Free Workout

• Monday, Nov. 21, 6:30PM - Medina Quilters