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Christmas lights to dazzle in Bandera City Park


Even if Thanksgiving hasn't yet arrived, it's time to get in the spirit of the looming holiday season - with a little help from the Bandera Business Association.

This year, the BBA plans to increase marketing efforts for Bandera to bring more business to the local merchants. Bandera City Park is the perfect place to draw visitors to see holiday lights. Many Hill Country communities have cashed in the enthusiasm of city folk who travel to small towns for spectacular Christmas light exhibitions. Now, Bandera has the same opportunity.

Last year, added lighting in City Park included illuminated holiday vignettes and wonderful Christmas trees. This year, additional holiday scenes will expand into the next section of the park. Also, 20 more Christmas trees will augment the 80 that dazzled visitors in 2010. BBA's goal this December is to transform City Park into a place of spectacular lighting that both visitors and locals can enjoy by strolling or driving through.

One of the most popular portions of the display were the lighted holiday scenes and Christmas greetings offered by Bandera County businesses, organizations and even families.

BBA wants to assure everyone there's still time to add companies, businesses and individuals to the City Park holiday light display. The scenes are custom made locally - or participants can provide their own.

After paying for the scene, participants provide a sign offering holiday greetings and the Bandera Business Association will install and take down the scene and store it - all for an annual fee of only $50.

For more information, contact BBA President Margaret Paradee, who will arrange a meeting with the scene designer.

The BBA also encourages local nonprofits to participate in the expansion of the Christmas lights. "This year, the BBA has joined the Hill Country Trail of Lights" Paradee said. "We hope to increase our lights so we can ask for a donation to drive through. We want local nonprofits to participate in this program and we have made it easy and cost effective for them to make that happen."

Nonprofits are asked to volunteer a certain number of hours to assist with setting up and taking down the lights. Based on the number of hours worked, nonprofits will be assigned nights to host the gate. The organization will receive all proceeds for that night. "Nonprofits can even sell hot chocolate or hot dogs," Paradee added.

After researching how these programs work in other Hill Country communities, BBA learned fundraising portion has been a boon to many Hill Country nonprofit organizations.

In addition, the BBA always encourages local businesses to consider opening late during the Christmas season to take advantage of visitors coming to Bandera to see the holiday lighting display.

Businesses or nonprofit groups interested in participating in the Christmas lighting of Bandera City Park are asked to contact Genie Strickland at 830-796-4447.

Pictured: Bandera's riverside holiday display will soon join others in Hill Country towns such as Johnson City in the Hill Country Trail of Lights.