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Kiwanis' BUGs help elementary students


Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, members of the Kiwanis Club of Bandera County honored 117 third grade students in the Bandera Independent School District.
With support from their teachers and school administrators, the students are involved in the Bringing Up Grades or BUGs program. Each student brought up a grade in math, language arts, science and-or social studies during the second six weeks of the school year. The students select a subject in which they wish to improve.
It will soon be time to tabulate the number of students who have brought up or maintained the achievement during the third six weeks.
In each recognition period, children who have reached their goal receive a certificate and a small reward. In addition, they have an opportunity to put their names in a bucket for a drawing at the end of the year when a boy and a girl will be awarded a bicycle. The more times a name is placed in the bucket, the greater the chance of winning a bicycle.
An honor roll has been placed at Alkek and Hill Country Elementary Schools adjacent to the BUGs banner contributed by the Kiwanis Club. "After the awards ceremony, each class has a group picture made of the honorees," said Meg Tucker, president of the Kiwanis Club. She gave special thanks to the Kiwanis members who assist in the awards ceremonies.
Additionally, Kiwanis recognize the "Super Bugs," students who already maintain good grades and help other students with their chosen subject. "Sometimes a child can explain to another child something that the teacher has not been able to clarify sufficiently for them," Tucker explained.
She said that the Kiwanis Club is proud to support this fine academic program that can change a students' study habits and increase their self-esteem by improving a grade. "It is a contest with oneself, not with others in the classroom," Tucker said.