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Junior Livestock Show & Sale, another successful year

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

The Bandera County Junior Livestock Show and Sale kicked off its 75th year last week, and by all accounts, the show was once again a great success.
There were over 636 entries in this year's show, including everything from goats and rabbits, to steers and horses.
There was also a display of some of the finest ag mechanics projects of any show ever held. The exhibitors in this class used their woodworking and welding skills to produce a wide variety of beautifully finished projects.
The woodworking items included coffee tables and Texas themed screen doors.
The welding projects included trailers, a goat chariot, a hunting blind, scaffolds for hanging a deer for processing, and a wide selection of barbecue pits.
The pits ranged in size from a small "let's grill a couple of burgers for dinner" size to several that would have served up enought barbecue to feed the stockshow crowd. One was shaped like a pistol and another had a handy electric motor to lift its gigantic iron lid.
To the novice eye, the show ran without a glitch, although County Agent Warren Thigpen admitted, "Every year we have more or less the same problems pop up. We just deal with them and go on."
Each show seems to have its own special story. Sometime Friday, a frantic mom searched the show barn for her missing 9-year-old. No one had seen him. Finally, the call came from the back corner of the barn where the pigs were housed. The young man had been found, sound asleep next to his pig.
The weather, while cold and damp, was certainly not the worst the Junior Show has ever experienced. Now that the big show barn has heaters, it is almost pleasant to stroll among the pens. One exhibitor's father said, "Our goats just aren't used to this heat. On our place they have to be tough to survive."
It was gratifying to see how the Junior Show becomes a family effort, with grandparents, parents, brother and sisters working together to get the animals ready for the ring.
The Courier congratulates all the participants, win or lose, on their good work. Look for our special insert saluting all the show winners in the Jan. 27 issue of the paper.

Pictured: Photo by Carolyn B. Edwards
Brittany Pitts kept her goats warm with brightly colored jackets as they awaited their turn in the show ring at the Bandera County Junior Livestock Show and Sale held Jan. 12-15.