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Hondo National Bank - good news in a slowed economy

Special to the Courier

For the past 12 years, Hondo National Bank-Bandera Banking Center has called Bandera home. Because of continued growth, HNB is planning to increase the size of their facility, located on Highway 16 South. Construction is expected to begin this month.
"The acceptance by Bandera County has been exceptional," said Branch President Jim Barlow. "In the past few years, we have seen growth and changes in operation that warrants expansion and adaptation. The increased volume required additional staffing and more room."
According to Barlow, banking confidentiality has always been of paramount importance to HNB administrators and staff. "We are moving some of our operations into private offices to enhance our customer's privacy and as an added protection against identity theft," he said.
As a result of the construction, the bank's theme for the next few months, will be "Pardon our dust while we renovate to serve you better."
As general contractor, local builder James Harverlah will lead the expansion. He has committed to use local subcontractors and suppliers on the project, Barlow noted.
"I wish to thank members of the city administration, city council, and planning and zoning commission who have made this process as painless as they have in the approval and permit phase of this project," Barlow added.
The Hondo National Bank originated in 1901 with the chartering of the First National Bank of Hondo, located on Avenue M. in 1906, the Hondo State Bank also opened also on Avenue M. The two banks merged in 1936 into a new chartered bank, The Hondo National Bank, with total capital of $60,000. On Nov. 31, 1950, the bank moved to its present quarters on 18th Street.
HNB has operated continuously since the inception of the two banks in the early 1900s and weathered not only the Great Depression, but also the "Banking Crisis of the 1980s."
A single office operated in Hondo until branch banking was permitted in Texas. In 1998, the bank's Bandera branch was established; in 2003 bank expanded to Uvalde; and in 2006 the Leakey branch was opened.
During the last few years, the bank has grown significantly as a result of a concerted marketing effort and an influx of people into the area west of San Antonio. In the last decade, HNB has more than tripled in size. Additionally, automatic teller machines are now located in Hondo, Bandera, Uvalde and Leakey.
Hondo National Bank remains committed to "providing customers with the best banking services available by a friendly, capable and enthusiastic staff of bankers."
"We intend to maintain our ties with the Bandera community and provide state of the art banking services with friendly 'one-on-one' service," Barlow concluded.