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Tarpley writer signs novel at Dogleg Coffeeshop Saturday

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Doug Carlyle of Tarpley will be signing his newly published novel, "In Search of the Fuller Brush Man," from 2 pm until 5 pm, Saturday, Jan. 8, at the Dogleg Coffeeshop, 315 Main Street.
Carlyle began writing seriously during extended business trips, and later while working as a paramedic. Writing became a way to pass the time between medical emergency calls.
His latest novel is self-published, which means he doesn't have anyone to promote his book. If Carlyle wants to make sales, he's going to have to do the legwork himself. He prefers handling his novel in this way.
As he said, "Book signings are a key element in promoting my book. I will have signings all over the Hill Country. On my next trip to Illinois - where the book is set - I plan to do signings there as well."
Like many self-promoting wordsmiths, Carlyle takes advantage of the extended electronic market. He has set up a website at with links to and its subsidiary, These options make ordering a copy of the book quick and easy.
"Last year," said Carlyle, "Internet book sales surpassed traditional bookstore sales for the first time. I cannot ignore this market."
He continues to find local venues in which to sell his novel. Currently, readers can find copies at Main Street Utopia. He hopes to have it available soon in Bandera, Boerne and Kerrville.
Getting the word out to newspapers is also a marketing tool. Carlyle already has articles lined up for several Illinois papers to come out immediately prior to his trip there.
The author uses his website to "expose visitors to my writing and me," saying, "When I contact other authors, editors, publishers, I give them my website." Using technology, he can get an idea of who is looking at the site to guide him to new contacts. However, he also noted, "There is a huge audience of readers who don't have ready access to the internet or computers. Therefore, being visible, and getting the book into stores is essential."
In addition to "In Search of the Fuller Brush Man," Carlyle is finishing his next novel "Vinegarone," set in a small West Texas town. He is also two-thirds through a trilogy titled "Boundaries." Both should be released in 2011-2012.
Carlyle delayed his boyhood dream to be a fireman-paramedic, completing a degree in electrical engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before going to work for Motorola-Austin, VLSI Technology and Philips in San Antonio. Realizing his dream began when he volunteered with fire departments and EMS services in the communities where he lived. Carlyle is now a certified paramedic.
The novelist belongs to the Writers' League of Texas and the Houston Writers Guild. "They have regular workshops on improving one's writing skills," Carlyle said. "They also sponsor conferences that bring authors, publishers, agents and editors together. I regularly take advantage of such workshops and conferences."
He has also entered his writing in various contests. "It's one thing to have your book scrutinized by someone you know. It's another thing to get an objective opinion. Contests provide me with that feedback." The novel has been recognized by the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, the Spring 2010 Houston Writers Guild Novel Contest, and the 2010 William Faulkner - William Wisdom Creative Novel Competition.

PICTURED: Photo by Sarah Carlyle

Doug Carlyle of Tarpley will sign his latest novel, "In Search of the Fuller Brush Man," at the Dogleg Coffeeshop this Saturday afternoon.