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Remembering pets with the Deluxe Pawprint Ornament Kit


A nice way to memorial a pet is with a special keepsake that will last forever.
This paw print ornament is a wonderful way to celebrate your pet - while he is alive, and long after he is gone. This lasting memorial will always remind you of your special companion. Use it as a paperweight or memento, or hang it on your tree as a beautiful Christmas ornament.
Using the Deluxe Pawprint Ornament Kit it just takes minutes to create a treasure that will last a lifetime. The imprint of a pet’s paw will forever be preserved in a one-of-a-kind clay ornament that can be cherished for years to come. This unique ornament will beautifully decorate Christmas trees year after year - and it’s made with the help of a beloved pet.
Simply mold the clay into a desired shape, press the pet’s paw into the clay, bake for 30 minutes and enjoy the result for years to come. This lasting memento makes a great gift for family or friends - both with a kit a finished ornament.
These kits are great for all animal lovers in and all the pets in your life, too. This nontoxic project that is safe for children ages eight and over can be completed in less than one hour.Each kit contains clay, a roller, ribbon, a modeling tool, instructions and a ring hanger.
Please note, however, many finishing clays contain ingredients that may stain or damage finished surfaces. Do not place unbaked clay on furniture, flooring, carpet or fabric. Prepare on glass or metal surface, or use wax paper or foil as a protective layer so that the clay does not stain household surfaces.
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