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Cow Creek can put a lot of bling in your life

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC

Bling is the latest thing. And if you’ve already blinged up your gimme cap, your T-shirt sparkles, your boots gleam and your cell phone blinds you in the sun, there is only one thing left to put a little flash and dazzle on - your vehicle!
Dorothy and Allen Strong, owners of Cow Creek at 414 Main Street in Bandera, can furnish the perfect shimmering decal to stick on old faithful. Let the world know the name of your favorite team, honor a special little athlete, or advertise your business with a friendly and colorful little eye-catching twinkle.
Cow Creek can now produce bling decals from three inches by seven inches and up to 12 inches by 17 inches. Prices run from $20 and up, depending on the size of the decal and the amount of bling desired.
The Strongs started Cow Creek in Bandera in 2005, but Allen has been laser engraving since 1996. The couple ended up in Bandera because Allen’s grandfather had a place on the river here, which he visited every summer. “We always wanted to live here,” said Dorothy, “but we waited until our two daughters were grown to make the move.”
Many customers know that Cow Creek is the place to take their photo discs for reprints and enlargements of their favorite shots, but the little shop just across from the courthouse does a lot more than reprints.
“We do a lot of work for schools, sports organizations,” said Dorothy, pointing out a large stack of wooden rectangles on a nearby table. “We’ve done the plaques for the junior livestock show again this year.”
Allen is excited about a new process that allows him to copy a photo for laser printing on a variety of materials. He displayed a distinguished service plaque for an agriculturalist that portrayed the honoree’s actual goat, not just an impersonal piece of clip art.
A variety of equipment allows the Strongs to create original graphic arts pieces to suit any budget.
They embroider T-shirts, caps, handbags, stadium seats, boots and baby bibs. They engrave trophies, medals, plaques, knives and nametags. They can take passport photos. As many local business people know, the Strongs create signs and banners.
“Our signs can be up to four feet by eight feet in one print, or we can piece them together to make something bigger if you need it,” said Allen.
Banners can run up to four feet wide and “as long as you need.” For example, Cow Creek produced the 22-foot Cowgirl Showdeo banner on display for a couple of weeks in front of the courthouse.
Assisting Allen and Dorothy in the shop is the very capable Erika Ivy. “I’ve learned on the job,” said Erika, who never gets bored with her job. “Everything we do is in house, from design to completion. Every day is different.”
“You never know what’s coming through the door,” added Allen. “We use Corel as our design program and there’s just so much you can do with it.”
All three agreed that the biggest challenge for the graphics shop is spelling. “I’m the world’s worst speller,” admitted Allen. They spend a lot of time proof reading each other’s work and always email proofs to clients before beginning the final print job.
“It’s so easy to overlook something like changing the year on a repeat job,” said Dorothy.
“Mistakes cost money,” Allen added.
The shop does a lot of T-shirts and caps. With fabric graphics they can produce embroidered work, bling, screen print, CAD cut or thermo plex heat transfer and any combination of all of these to come up with a result that the customer likes and that fits the budget.
You can check them out and see a lot of their products on facebook by just searching for Cow Creek or by Googling
If you need some graphics work, from a giant billboard to a Longhorn decorated baby’s cap, the folks at Cow Creek have the experience and talent to do a quality and beautiful job. Plus, they are some of the friendliest people in town.
Call them at 830-796-3323 or just stop by - and tell them the Courier sent you.