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Good News! No Change in Medicare Part B Premium for 2018!

Hello Toni,
I have recently enrolled in Medicare and have received my 2018 Medicare and You handbook and cannot find what the 2018 Medicare Part A and B deductibles will be.
Do you have any idea what the new Medicare costs will be?
Thank You,
from San Antonio, Texas
Hello Sylvia,
Every year the Medicare and You handbook is mailed out before Oct. 1 to all Medicare beneficiaries to help guide them with the Medicare open enrollment period, which ends Dec. 7.
The handbook states that at the time of printing of the 2018 Medicare and You Handbook, the premiums and deductible amounts for Part A and Part B were not available. Medicare confusion is why I write the Medicare column and the new Medicare Survival Guide® Advanced edition.
But guess what? The 2018 Medicare Parts A and B premiums and costs were released by the “Centers for Medicare and Medicaid” aka CMS (Medicare) on Friday, Nov. 17.

The 2018 Medicare Parts A and B costs are below: Part A Costs (Inpatient Hospital): The new 2018 Part A inpatient hospital deductible will be an increase of $26 to $1,340. Remember, the Part A deductible starts over every 60 days. It is not a once a year deductible. Under Part A is also Medicare Skilled Nursing. For 2018 your costs will be days 1-20 $0 copay per day, and days 21- 100 will be $167.50 per day.
Part B Costs (Medical): The new 2018 Part B medical/doctor deductible will not change from $183. Medicare pays 80 percent of the Medicare approved amount and you (Medicare beneficiary) pay the remaining 20 percent of the Medicare approved amount.
Part B Premiums: Premium for 2018 will not be increased and will stay at $134. Those who are not receiving their Social Security check and those new to Medicare will pay the new 2017 Part B premium of $134. Most Medicare beneficiaries who are receiving their Social Security check have not had a Part B increase the last two years, and whose 2017 Part B premium was $109 will have a $25 monthly premium increase to $134 beginning Jan. 1, 2018. This will be about a 20 percent increase in their Part B monthly premium. Those on Medicare Part B whose income is more than $85,001 for an individual or $170,001 for a couple will pay more than $134.
Part D Costs (Prescription Drug Plan): The new 2018 Part D deductible is $405 once a year. You will pay your share for your prescription drugs until the combined amount reaches $3,750 and then you have reached the famous donut hole. Then you will pay 35 percent for your prescription drug plan’s cost for “covered” brand name drugs and the drug manufacturer will pay 50 percent with your prescription drug plan paying the remaining
15 percent. For generic drugs, you will pay 46 percent for the plan’s cost for “covered” generic drugs and the drug plan pays 54 percent. When a total of $5000 has been spent as out-of-pocket, then you will fall out of the “famous” donut hole for the year. Once that amount has been spent, then you will enter catastrophic coverage and will pay $3.35 for generic drugs and 5 percent of the “covered” brand name drug or a minimum of $8.25.
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