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Straight from the horse's mouth


Canyon Lake, Texas – Eric Burkhart, retired CIA Operations Officer and author, is formally announcing his intention to seek the Republican nomination for Congress from District 21. “Since returning home to the Hill Country, I have been humbled by the number of hard-working, conservative folks who have expressed their unhappiness with DC politics, and asked me to run to represent them in the U.S. Congress.” Burkhart’s real-world experience of working in Federal Law Enforcement, both as an Immigrations Inspector and a CIA Operations Officer, will bring a much needed – and unmatched – perspective to the U.S. Congress.
Burkhart touts his experience working in the war zones of Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans, and Africa, as well as the time spent in Washington DC and on the Texas border with Mexico, as important qualifications.
“Before joining the CIA, I worked as an Immigration Inspector on the bridges in Laredo on the border with Mexico. After working in Eastern Europe and Africa, my last years with the CIA were spent working with Federal Law Enforcement Joint Terrorism Task Force, bringing the resources of the intelligence community to enforcement operations.”
Burkhart, who speaks four languages, comes from a military family, and is a dedicated supporter of our Armed Forces. “I have had the honor and privilege of working closely with our military in Kosovo and in Iraq. The courage and humanity that our young men and women continue to exhibit under difficult circumstances – and in completely unfamiliar places – is truly inspirational.”
Immediately after retiring near Canyon Lake, Eric Burkhart began writing a memoir, detailing his experiences working for both Immigration and the CIA. In 2015, Burkhart published his book, “Mukhabarat, Baby,” and embarked on a book tour with many speaking engagements in the Texas Hill Country. “Listening to my fellow Texans, it was very clear to me that the people of District 21 are ready for a change. Even after working overseas for many years, I still share the values of this community that is once again my home.”
Burkhart believes the issues that make this race so important are not complicated. “We need to stay focused on reducing the size of government and the national debt, and we must make border security a priority, take care of our retired military and our veterans, and re-negotiate the terrible Obama-era Trade Agreements. President Trump needs a leader in the House of Representatives to support the passage of his agenda – I will be that leader.”
Burkhart is available to speak to you or your organization, and he welcomes your questions and feedback.
You may call Eric at (210) 618-5447.