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Friends of Albert and Bessie Kronkosky State Natural Area raising funds to aid future development for public use


The Friends of Albert and Bessie Kronkosky State Natural Area (Friends of ABKSNA) is currently raising funds to purchase a second all terrain utility vehicle (UTV) to aid volunteers in the development of ABKSNA for future public use. ABKSNA is under development, headed by Superintendent James Rice, and a host of volunteers. The volunteers are divided up into teams that are each surveying all natural and cultural resources on the almost 3800 acre property, plus providing maintenance needs. This data will be provided to TPWD for planning and development for public use.
The property spans land in both Kendall and Bandera Counties, with hills reaching almost 2000 ft. in elevation, many creeks and streams, a small lake and scenic vistas. Future public use will be for hiking, mountain biking, wilderness camping, bird watching, and for just enjoying this beautiful piece of the Texas Hill Country.
Because the property is so vast and rugged, many times volunteers cannot hike to the specific areas for survey work and need to travel there in a UTV. Currently, only one two seat UTV with a four-person capacity is available for volunteer use. The non-profit Friends of ABKSNA has started a fund raising campaign for 2017 to purchase a much needed second two seat UTV.
“Since state funds don’t include some of our volunteer necessities, the Friends of ABKSNA group has stepped up to start a fund raising campaign to purchase this UTV to aid in the development of this state natural area for public use. Our volunteers have contributed thousands of volunteer hours and their expertise, and are making the development of this property possible”, said James Rice, ABKSNA superintendent.
If you would like to donate, please visit, or send donation to Friends of ABKSNA P.O Box 63244 Pipe Creek, TX 78063
The Friends of Albert and Bessie Kronkosky State Natural Area (Friends of ABKSNA) is a non-profit organization of supporters assisting in the development of this new state natural area, in both Bandera and Kendall Counties of Texas, for future public enjoyment. The ABKSNA is 3,757 acres containing scenic vistas, beautiful Hill Country creeks and ponds and a rich and diverse ecological system. As part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife system, the developmental activities of ABKSNA for future public use are dependent on volunteer assistance and supporters. Development activities include surveys of the land, plants, animals, creeks, ponds and streams, geology, archeology, and other natural and historic resources.
Our Mission: To promote, assist and support the development of the Albert & Bessie Kronkosky State Natural Area prior to opening to the public through research, conservation, and preservation of all natural and historic resources.
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