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Quick Draw Payroll – 15 years of serving community

By Sandy Jennings BCC Staff Writer

Courtesy Photo
Quick Draw Payroll owners Richard and Katherine Totten with their son, Micah.

Quick Draw Payroll, located at 910 12th Street in Bandera, kicked off the new year by celebrating 15 years of serving the Hill Country Community by providing invaluable business services and solutions for all types of individuals and organizations.
“We’re an all over accounting and business firm,” co-owner Katherine Totten said.
Established in 2002, Quick Draw Payroll (previously Starlight Bookkeeping), provides general bookkeeping, tax planning and preparation and custom business solutions for a variety of structures including not for profit, S-corp, C-corp, sole proprietorships, limited liability partnerships and trusts.
Family owned and operated, Quick Draw Payroll is headed up by Katherine Totten and joined by her husband Richard Totten with assistance from Bruce Hanks, who serves as a consultant and advisory board member. Hanks is also the Arthur Nagel Community Clinic Executive Director.
Quick Draw Payroll handles payroll, bookkeeping and taxes, as well as, business consulting, working with start-ups, teaching owners how to grow their business by setting and maintaining financial goals.
Richard, a former Marine of six years and an active duty Crew Chief in the Army for 12 years, handles personnel, marketing and advertising. Richard is presently stationed at Fort Hood as a SFC.
“Our strategic mission is to become the premier business solutions provider in our markets by offering premium business solutions, developing loyal clients through delivering exceptional services, providing exciting opportunities for our employees, and supporting our local market through charitable contribution and local business support,” Totten said.
The Tottens are proud sponsors of many community organizations including the Boys and Girls Club, the Arthur Nagel Community Clinic and the Bandera Youth Soccer Organization.
“Supporting our community and giving back is extremely important to us,” Totten said. “We don’t outsource. If a client needs something that we can’t provide, we direct them locally and if we need anything, such as a contractor, we use local people.”
Although most clients come to Quick Draw Payroll for bookkeeping purpose, many end up expanding services for additional benefits.
“Over the years we have supported our clients with their bookkeeping, tax and payroll needs. As we continue to grow and expand our service offerings, we have developed a strategic business consulting solution to help them maximize their revenues, reduce costs and plan for the future,” Totten said.
General business operations offered by Quick Draw Payroll include payroll processing, bookkeeping, accounts payable outsourcing, collections and business start-up and filling services.
Corporate, personal, partnerships, trust and non-profits can benefit from Quick Draw’s tax planning and preparation.
Quick Draw Payroll can customize business solutions including general business consulting, business plan development, market and competitive landscape analysis, business spend analysis and fraud investigations.
“We have aligned our solutions with the needs of our clients to ensure we can support them with all of their business challenges,” Totten said. “By supporting our clients in the areas of general business operations, tax planning and preparation, and custom business solutions, we provide a diverse solution offering that helps our clients plan for their business, operate their business, address key business challenges and stay compliant with state and federal regulation.”
In fact, new state and federal regulations are one of the many reasons clients seek help with their taxes. Totten noted changes in Obamacare, proof requirements and new deadlines for employers as areas of concern.
“Obamacare regulations have changed and you need to be aware of changes when purchasing healthcare,” Totten said. “Employers need to be aware of the new deadline of February (instead of March) for sending W3’s and 1096 forms to their employees; and everyone needs to make sure they bring in their 1095 (proof of health insurance) for their taxes.”
Those are just a few of the changes that clients can expect to get help with from the knowledgable staff at Quick Draw Payroll.
“We love this community and we want to help our clients and their businesses achieve their full potential,” Totten said.
For more information or for a free consultation, call Quick Draw Payroll at 830-796-8933 or visit their website at