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Una Flor En El Cruce or “A Flower in the Crossroads.”

Special to the Courier

Arte y Pasión comes together once again with live performance Thursday, Jan. 12 with UNA FLOR EN EL CRUCE, or “A Flower in the Crossroads.” Flamenco is like a flower that even for its fragility and beauty, has the strength to push straight up through rock. Perhaps the flower goes unnoticed as the drama of the city continues around it. But the strength of the flower is undeniable as it stretches from the ground into the sky. We have that flower inside of us. There are obstacles vast and impossible to push through, but the persistent root system of a flower is stronger. When we find that root system within ourselves, we can push through anything.
The project, which had its world premiere at San Antonio’s Luminaria Con-temporary Art Festival, includes artists from San Antonio, San Francisco, Argentina and Spain. Acclaimed flamenco dancer Bianca Rodriguez comes back to San Antonio to join us once again onstage. Opera singer/ performance artist Janese Odom and modern dancer Rochelle Banuet will take the stage once again with us. Guitarist Luisma Ramos of Sevilla, cellist and Optic Arrest front man Luke William Bonecutter, violinist and composer also of Femina-X Darian Thomas, and the first American-born flamenco singer in the United States, Chayito Champion.
Arte y Pasión, led by artistic director Tamara Adira, is an award winning company of artists accomplished in their own right. The Company is known for being one of the most contemporary Spanish dance companies in the United States, known for pushing the boundaries of Flamenco and Spanish dance and exploring specific subject matter. The Company’s mission is to share and promote the authentic art of flamenco, while exploring evolution and counterpointing with fine art. Arte y Pasión is also known for mentoring and fostering young artists as they develop in their artistic trajectories. As with all of our projects, we will take an interdisciplinary approach, juxtaposing flamenco with modern movement, fine and performance art.
Special visiting artist from Bianca Rodriguez grew up studying Ballet, Spanish Classical, Theatre, and Music. She received her BA from UNM with an emphasis in Flamenco Dance and studied for four years at the National Institute of Flamenco in Albuquerque, NM where she studied with La Tati, Adela Campallo, Inmaculada Ortega, Torombo, and Karime Amaya, and Manuel Liñan. Bianca has worked and toured with several US Flamenco companies, Santa Fe’s Juan Siddi, Jerez-native Antonio Granjero, and NY based company Carlota Santana. Bianca’s favorite teachers have been Juana Amaya, Farruquito, Angelita Vargas, El Torombo and La Truco. While in Spain she was invited to perform in a popular Flamenco venue, La Cueva de Lola, in Madrid’s city center. Bianca’s love for movement has led her to completing certifications in Barre, NIA, Hatha Yoga, and Pilates. Her focus in Yoga was breath work and meditation and feels that this gave her dancing a deeper spiritual connection, helping broaden her understanding of the body, how to heal injuries, and allow her to explore ways of finding joy and sharing that with others. She recently completed a performance with Pastora Galván.
Arte y Pasión UNA FLOR EN EL CRUCE will appear at 8 pm, Thursday, Jan. 12 at the Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex, 108 Blue Star, San Antonio, 78204, $15; Tablao performances will follow at 8 and 10 pm, Friday, Jan. 13 at Carmens de la Calle, 320 North Flores, San Antonio, 78205, $15 per set or $25 for both sets; and at 8 pm, Saturday, Jan. 14 Espana Bar de Tapas, 5638 W Hausman Rd, San Antonio, 78249, $10. Reservations are highly recommended at Espana. Tickets for the Jan. 12, Brick performance are available at or For more information contact Arte y Pasión at 210-241-2771 or Facebook: arteypasionsa; Twitter: arteypasion; Instagram: tamara.adira. Visit Arte y Pasión at