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Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

A glimpse at some of Bandera County's history and how it was presented at the time.

A story from The Bandera New Era
April 10, 1941
Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

Post Commander Lonnie Clayton of Bandera Post #157, American Legion, announces that they have just completed arrangement through Bob Mansfield, with T. Brooks Wood of the Texas Rodeo to stage a real western open contest rodeo in Bandera with tentative dates set as May 31 and June 1.
The rodeo committee representing the Legion Post is composed of C. Collins, Bill Allen and Neal Coulter. These men are in full charge of all details pertaining to the rodeo and dance.
AK Briggs, superintendent of Bandera High School and T. Brooks Wood have worked out details for Wood to erect rodeo arena on the high school football field just after May 22, and to leave the rodeo arena up for the Bandera Roping Club to have each week on Friday night, a roping event with other entertainment.
Also, Mr. Briggs reports that he and Bob Mansfield have completed arrangements for Mr. Wood to return with the Texas Rodeo, to Bandera for another bigger and better than ever open contest rodeo to be sponsored by the FFA boys on Labor Day.
However, the arena that is being erected by Mr. Wood for the American Legion Rodeo, May 31 and Jun 1, will be left on the high school football field until after the Labor Day Rodeo.
Mr. Wood announces that he plans to bring to Bandera some of the best rodeo stock obtainable, with some outstanding feature acts, with added purses in bronc riding, calf tie down and bull riding, also the ladies flag races. He plans to bring to Bandera the Luther Burbank Agricultural High School band of San Antonio.
With the added purses combined with the entry fees, approximately between $400 and $500 will be the cash awards for the contestants.
Wood reports that he has made arrangements with Herman Nami, national officer of the American Legion, who will meet with quite a number of the various Legion Posts of San Antonio, and they plan to have hundreds of Legion boys from over the Southwest to bein Bandera Sunday afternoon, June 1, for the rodeo. Nami will address the Legionnaires just before the rodeo on the rodeo grounds. His subject will be of interest to all Americans and to the Legionnaires.
Through the cooperation of Supt. Briggs, the American Legion, Bob Mansfield and T. Brooks Wood, it is planned to bring more people to Bandera than ever before.
Let's all pull together and let the world know of Bandera as being the Switzerland of Texas and the home of the world champion calf roper, Toots Mansfield, and also the home of the best dude ranches in Texas.