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BEC begins transition to LED


Bandera Electric Cooperative Lineman First Class Mike Satsky installs a light-emitting diode outdoor light fixture. This year, BEC will begin phasing out high-pressure sodium lights across the service territory and replacing them with energy-efficient LED fixtures.

The Bandera Electric Cooperative (BEC) Board of Directors voted to improve members' options regarding area lighting by adding light-emitting diode fixtures as an option to the BEC Selectricity Energy Suite.
This improvement reflects the transition from traditional high-pressure sodium and mercury vapor lighting to more energy efficient LED lighting.
Over the next few months, BEC will start changing out the area lighting in the City of Bandera to LED. These lights are more energy efficient, require less maintenance and dramatically reduces uplighting, which will enhance Texas Hill Country stargazing.
LED lighting will be a cost effective lighting alternative for members, and Jan. 1, BEC started offering LED lighting for a flat monthly fee below the rates of existing lighting.
"In addition to providing high-quality, energy efficient outdoor lighting options, we feel the low cost fixed rate of our outdoor LED rates will be a big-money saver for members," said Brian Brockel, manager of strategic and member services. "That is a part of the cooperative difference."
Benefits to using LED lights include an average life span of 20 years, production of high-quality light with zero upward light pollution and a luminosity output comparable to existing lights.
Whether members need bright white, soft yellow light or something in between, BEC can help with the right solution. BEC offers a standard fixture selection for optimum performance, durability and dark sky compliance. For more information, call 866-226-3372 or visit