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Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

A glimpse at some of Bandera County's history and how it was presented at the time.

A story from The Bandera New Era
April 10, 1941

BF Vance, administrative officer in charge of the Triple-A in Texas has announced that April 30 has been set as the final date for Texas farm and ranch families to make application for cotton and ticking under the Department of Agriculture's 1941 cotton mattress demonstration program
Mattresses made in 20 states recently totaled 1,225,481. In Texas 261,532 mattresses had been received by farm families by March 31.
Families in Bandera County have received 172 mattresses under the 1941 program.
To date, 477 applications have been received in the AAA office.
Application blanks are available at the county agent's office and eligible families should make application prior to April 30 if they desire a mattress.
Four regiments of the Second Division Artillery passed through Bandera last Thursday on their way back to their home station at Fort Sam Houston. Brig.-Gen John P. Lucas was in command of the group.
The mechanized artillery units, including the Headquarters Battery, 12th, 15th, 37th and 38th field Artillery Battalions, consisted of about 3,000 officers and men and they made the march in 1,200 trucks. They carried 36 75-millimeter guns and 12 155-millimeter howitzers.
Sergt. Alex Sabo, retired Fort Sam Houston sergeant, who lives at Medina Lake, Saturday had enacted the role of hero in rescuing four San Antonians whose boat overturned in the middle of Medina Lake near Mergele's place.
Rescued as they clung to the overturned boat were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schmidt and their 4-year-old son, Billy, and Mrs. Schmidt's mother, Mrs. Nora Kilian.
Sabo heard the cries of the group as he worked at Mergele's place. No boats were available, so Sabo drove to the next wharf and enlisted the aid of August Whitley.
The pair sped to the group and took them from the water.
Billy had just been rescued from beheath the boat by his father. Billy calmly told the group that he "Just held my breath."
A tree root is believed to have overturned the Schmidts' motor boat.
Six more members received electricity through the Bandera Electric Cooperative Inc. yesterday. They were the first taps of the B section.
The contractor has started stringing the new type of conductor and other sections will be energized as soon as the lines are built and a sufficient number of homes have been wired.
AGL Toombs, with the REA [Rural Electrification Administration] was here Monday to inspect the building site and he was favorably impressed.