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Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch - Hazel -


This is Hazel, one of the newer arrivals at the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. This sweet girl was recently featured as the Pet of the Week on The Harley Show, REV FM 94.3. According to Cousin Nancy, Hazel is an easy-going female shepherd mix that she and Tony rescued from the Kerrville Animal Control Facility - aka The Pound! "Hazel is loving and gets along great with other dogs," Nance noted. So, anyone looking for a laidback four-legged companion - who apparently never changes her expression no matter who is taking her picture - is urged to checkout Hazel. Just call Cousin Nancy at 830-589-7544 and let her know you're interested. For a gander at the rest of the ranch's other adoptables, visit Despite its name, this wonderful animal rescue is conveniently located in Medina just a couple of miles off Highway 16 North. When you visit, take a few biscuits for the bowsers - and, don't forget to tell 'em the Courier sent you!