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Newspaper copy courtesy Waverly Lewis

A story from The Bandera New Era
Feb. 15, 1934

...ten exponents of the Grand Old Game, baseball, their enthusiasm undimmed by the adverse weather, re-organized the Mountain Baseball League Tuesday night of last week.
The meeting was held in the Chamber of Commerce Hall at Boerne and was presided over by President HO Adler of that city.
The league remains practically unchanged, with the exception of one team, as Alamo Heights of San Antonio withdrew and was replaced by the Fredericksburg Giants.
The Tuesday night meeting, lasting about four hours, was unique in its harmonious proceedings, with only slight evidence of discord arising.
Outstanding among these little notes of dissent was a somewhat impassioned speech made by President Adler in opening the meeting when he protested the constitutionality of a directors' gathering held last Sept. 19, called in the absence of the president, who was in Chicago, by Vice-president HC Holchak.
Mr. Adler's remarks were interspersed frequently with the assertion that it was "entirely unparlimentary" to fine the Boerne club two dollars for not attending this meeting, inasmuch as the call was not issued by the president.
After some discussion, however, the meeting was allowed and the minutes approved. The Boerne club's absentee fine was not remitted.
President Adler was re-elected without opposition, as were all other officials of the league with one exception. Judge Click of Bandera succeeded Herbert Holchak of Kerrville as vice-president. Other officers are Bob Faust, secretary-treasurer, and Fred Toler, publicity director.
[It was voted to keep the league as a five-team circuit for 1934.] Applications from the Richter Butter Krust team of San Antonio and the Camp Normoyle Nine, also of that city, were discarded by the motion.
The Spaulding No. 1 ball was again adopted as the official league pellet. Paul Lemberg, a representative of the Spaulding Store in San Antonio, offered to draw up the season schedule.
While the schedule is not yet available, it is known that Kerrville will open the season on April 3 at Boerne and Comfort will play its initial game the same day at Fredericksburg, while Bandera will enjoy an off day.
After passing resolutions of regret upon the death of Sonny West, a Comfort player who was killed in an automobile accident a short time ago, and instructing the secretary to send copies of these regrets to the parents of the deceased and also the Comfort News, the meeting adjourned.