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As I was sitting here thinking about a personal experience, I pondered the word "success." I do not often write about personal successes; however, I recently had an academic success of my own. At the age of 37, I finally got a degree that I should have realistically finished 15 years ago. To me it is even more of a success because, like most people, life sometimes puts up roadblocks. It got me started thinking about our Club's priority outcome of Academic Success. Typically it is associated with good grades and test scores. Frankly, that is a big part of it. But what about our kids who have their own roadblocks? Learning disabilities like dyslexia or ADD, or physical challenges - these are all things that can make "good" grades a little harder to get. In my opinion, a good grade is a grade that you work hard for. That will always be an Academic Success. So to all our Club Members that try their hardest - keep it up! Bandera County supports you.

- Sheila Knowles