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BHS Bulldog back

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Pictured: Once stolen, this handmade BHS bulldog is now safely ensconced in the high school reception office.

No one at Bandera High School remembers how long its been gone, but everyone's certainly glad it's back.
On Tuesday, Jan. 18, a two-foot by two-foot hand-carved wooden bulldog resumed its rightful place in the corner of the reception office at BHS. As near as anyone can recall, the impressive art piece disappeared seven or eight years ago.
"At the time it was stolen, no police report was filed," said Bandera County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Matt King, "so we don't have exact information on the bulldog's disappearance. Apparently school administrators thought it was some kind of a prank and then just forgot about it."
Not so, however, an avid Facebook follower who recognized the dog on the Facebook page of a former BHS student. The unidentified person informed BCSO of his discovery.
"The statute of limitations on the theft had expired, but Investigator Jeff Majewski decided to drive to the San Antonio address on Fredericksburg Road and confront the guy anyway," King said.
According to King, when the former student was confronted with the fact that the wooden bulldog in his possession was, in fact, the very one that had disappeared from the high school several years ago, the man disavowed any knowledge that it had been stolen. "He said he had gotten it from his girlfriend, but Facebook conversations had indicated otherwise," King said.
The former student gave the massive bulldog statue to Majewski with alacrity. Subsequently, the investigator returned the proud icon to BHS where it was quickly put on display once again.
Tracy Thayer, who is in charge of special programs and public relations, recalled that the bulldog was originally displayed in the front hall. "We were pretty proud of it, but it was gone in a matter of weeks," she recalled. "We are so glad to have it back."
She credits the diligence of the BCSO in general - and Majewski's perseverance in particular - for the bulldog's safe return. "God bless them all. They were really on the ball with this. We can't thank them enough."
As to the question of "Who took the dog out," that must remain a mystery.