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Comedies hit boards in Ingram, Kerrville


Pictured: Rehearsals are in full swing for "Suite Surrender," the first show of the 2015 season of the Point Theatre in Ingram. Opening night is Friday, Feb. 6. For more information, call 830-367-5121 or visit

"Suite Surrender," the first show of the ambitious 2015 season, will open at the Point Theatre in Ingram Friday, Feb. 6. A "fun and high energy comedy," "Suite Surrender" requires a complex indoor set for all of the show's comings and goings and intense rehearsals for the show's many jokes and gags.
The modern-version of a "door farce" is directed by HCAF Artistic Director Sarah Derrouseau, who has been described as "one of the Hill Country's most experienced and capable directors of laugh-out-loud comedy"
The case includes Tom Moore theatre teacher, Holly Riedel and Point newcomer Michelle Illich-Daubus, Riedel and Illich-Daubus play a pair of dueling Hollywood divas fighting over a single penthouse suite in a post-1940s hotel in Miami Beach.
Marie Cearley plays Mrs. Osgood, a wealthy and patriotic society lady planning a USO event for the rowdy boys in uniform, as well as Shana Carr as the quintessential nosey gossip columnist who gets more than one door slammed in her face.
The rest of the cast, a mix of veterans, newcomers and Schreiner University students, includes acrobatic bellhops, long-suffering personal assistants, an airborne terrier named Mr. Boodles and a hotel manager suffering from high-anxiety, played by Hill Country theatre regular, Ken DeZarn.
"Suite Surrender" opens Friday, Feb. 6, and runs for three weekends. Tickets are already on sale at the HCAF box office. Special rates are available for students, seniors, veterans and groups. For tickets, call 830-367-5121 or visit
The Point Theatre is working alongside their friends at the Cailloux and Playhouse 2000's "Weekend Comedy." The shows run consecutively so special discounts are being provided for patrons who want to see both. For more information, call the Cailloux box office is 830-896-9393 or visit