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Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch - Hollywood


I decided to start the New Year of featuring pups from the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch with Hollywood because she reminded me of my bully girl, Rosie - down to her one blue and one green eye. Like Rosie, Hollywood is a beautiful, 5-year-old pit bull. Not surprisingly, this loving lady is good with other dogs - but definitely doesn't like horses. Now, here's where Rosie and Hollywood part ways. While Rosie's greatest goal is to become "one with the couch," according to Cousin Nancy, Hollywood is full of energy and needs space to run and swim. "She would be a great dog for an athlete because she loves to run," Nance said. She urges all high-energy, competitive two-legged types to call 830-589-7544 and come out to the rescue ranch to meet Hollywood. For a gander at the rest of the ranch's other adoptable four-legged friends, visit Despite its name, this wonderful animal rescue is conveniently located in Medina just a couple of miles off Highway 16 North. When you visit, take a few biscuits for the bowsers - and, don't forget to tell 'em the Courier sent you!