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Stockshow highlights kids, families, agriculture for 79th year

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

The Bandera County Junior Livestock Show Association successfully pulled off the 79th annual junior livestock show at Mansfield Park last week. The weather threatened to turn nasty, but on the whole, it was nice and snug in the showbarn for contestants, their animals and guests.
Over 540 young members of Bandera County 4H and FFA signed up to compete in this year's event. These participants are some of the finest young people in the county. They put in hours of work with their animals prior to the show for months ahead of time. They learn plenty of what we like to refer to as life skills, like sportsmanship, leadership and self-discipline. At the same time, they pick up other handy skills like record keeping and time management.
When it's time for the show, they arrive in the competition arena with their animals looking their absolute best. And the kids, too, make sure they're dressed neatly, with their hair combed, their boots polished and their jeans pulled up to their waists.
No sireee, you will not see anyone's underwear at the junior livestock show!
While the kids do so much of the work, they could not succeed without their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters pitching in with the feeding, brushing and exercising. Junior livestock show projects are truly a family affair.
Also playing key roles are the 4H adult volunteer leaders who willingly share their experience and knowledge with the youngsters in their project groups. FFA sponsors and volunteers also take their roles as educators seriously.
Our talented and knowledgeable county agents and their staffs work behind and in front of the scenes, making sure everything moves along smoothly.
And finally, there are the members of the Junior Livestock Show Association, who donate time, money and skills to keep this program going year after year. As a result of everyone's hard work and support, hundreds of young Bandera County residents continue to learn about the contribution of agriculture to our local economy and lifestyle.