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Boerne TEA Party Patriots' first 2015 meeting


The first Boerne TEA Party Patriots meeting of 2015 will be held at 6:30 pm, Thursday, Jan. 8, in the Patrick Heath Library.
EJ Thormaehlen, will explain two upcoming Free Trade Agreements that President Barack Obama is promoting. "Think that sounds boring or does not really concern you?" asked a spokesman. "Come find out just how detrimental they can be to the US and yes, even you where you live. And find out why your US Representative and your two Senators need to hear from you."
The Boerne TEA Party Patriots are also planning a trip to Austin for the first day of the Texas Legislative Session on Jan. 13.
The community is asked to join the organization for discussions on topics important to every high-information voter, such as border security and illegal immigration, health care, business regulation, taxes, foreign law being used in US courts and Agenda 21, among other issues. "Let's discuss these and try to decide what we could do to effect the desired results from this legislature, our local leaders and the federal representatives we have elected," the spokesman continued, adding, "Please join us."
Meetings of the Boerne Tea Party Patriots are always open to the public and everyone is welcomed to attend. For more information, visit