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Boys and Girls Club

Candy canes, Christmas cookies, cake, sugar, sugar, sugar. Let's be frank - we are all going to indulge a bit at this time of year. Even if we don't necessarily seek out treats, there is inevitably that one person who insists you try their dessert. "Sometimes Foods" as my family calls them are OK. We know as child development professionals that habits form early on in a person's life. If constant unhealthy foods are consumed, it becomes a way of life. If treats are given on a sometimes basis that is the standard later on; if sugar is a staple in a child's diet, it could possibly remain that way. Since childhood obesity is a real thing in America, it is important for us as a community to set a healthy standard. Did you know we have a community garden at our clubs? Our children also have a monthly visit with the County Nurse and daily exposure to exercise. So to wrap this up- let the kids enjoy their holiday treat and encourage them to jump back on the healthy train when they are done. Instead of a New Year's Resolution- let's make it a lifestyle!

- Sheila Knowles