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Boys and Girls Club

As 2014 comes to a close and we are starting 2015, it is important that we give a big thanks to all of our supporters. This past year our daily attendance has grown at each site. We are able to offer more services to each Club Member and to their families because of all of the support you have offered us. Our Club Kids have been welcomed all around Bandera and Lakehills, incorporated in city events, and even very recently we got to run the lights at the river. As of December 2014, our youth have completed their first round of Sylvan Learning Center's tutoring project in the subject of math. Kids and Teens have achieved higher academic scores, gained more community service hours and had more FUN. So as we look forward to 2015- we look back and thank you all! No telling what we will have achieved by December 2015!

- Sheila Knowles