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In the know... Pipe Creek/Lakehills

By James Henry Frazar

By James Henry Frazar

Ruben Moreno, Zydeco Re-Evolution at Cajun Festival
• Ruben Moreno and Zydeco Re-Evolution will be performing at the Sept. 27 Medina Lake Cajun Festival at the Lakehills Civic Center.
The band will be performing on the main stage from 1-3 pm and 5:50-7:50 pm.
Ruben Paul Moreno was born in Houston in 1990 and grew up in a lounge environment where he could hear the music in a bar his grandma owned from 1989 to 1996, Henry's Bar. He picked up a washboard which soon became his percussion instrument of choice, and along with it came Zydeco music.
"Zydeco and Creole culture had always been a part of my life, but I'd never experienced the rush that I did the first time I played with Leroy Thomas at the Continental Club," Moreno said.
When Moreno first saw Thomas, he was a big tall man, dressed sharp, like he just stepped off the photo shoot for Harlem Nights. Thomas shook Moreno's hand and invited him on stage to play a few numbers. "As soon as I stepped on stage I felt powerful," Moreno. "For once, I felt that, even though I was young, this was the piece missing from the puzzle I had been trying to piece together. This is what I wanted, not only to be a musician but an entertainer: I wanted to please the crowd."
At the end of 2007 he got a call from CJ Chenier and he started his career for real. "I went to almost every state in America and it was like something inside of me woke up and was itching to get out; like CJ gave birth to the dreams and goals I once had and they weren't going to be quiet until they were fulfilled," Moreno said. "My name and face was recognized amongst Zydeco fans across the country, all thanks to CJ Chenier."
In 2009, Andre Thierry needed a washboard player for the East Coast tour and Moreno needed a new experience, so he accepted. "The experience of playing with Andre Thierry and Zydeco Magic for three weeks was all I needed to decide that this was something I wanted to be a part of long-term," Moreno said.
His life is more than just music. He wants to promote peace and justice.
"This is the birth of Zydeco Re-Evolution, the evolution of a culture and music and the revolution of battles that we're facing as a nation," Moreno said. "Change is inevitable and all we can do is change right along with it. Don't doubt yourself that you can be the best because it is all up to you, your life is how you wish it to be, don't let yourself down."
Lakehills Library doings
• The Lakehills Area Library thanks the Gnade Trust for their recent grant. The grant will be used to purchase new fiction novels for the adult and young adult areas of the library so the library can continue bringing the community the latest reads from their favorite authors.
• The library will be having a basic computer class in September as well as a Word basics class. Please call to register. A date and time has not been set, and the library will be working around whatever best fits the students' schedules.
• The library's monthly book sale is coming up Saturday, Sept. 6, from 10 am - 1 pm. Hardbacks are $1 and all paperbacks and children's books are 25 cents. All proceeds go to fund programs and purchases at the library.
• The Lakehills Area Library will be closed Monday, Sept. 1, for Labor Day.